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Payment using billing:
When the goods are delivered, the bill enclosed with them must be settled within a payment term of 20 days. Payment using billing requires a positive credit check. If this automatic check is negative or if no credit references at all can be obtained for you, you can only pay by credit card. In the event of default, we charge 5.00 CHF per reminder from the first level. From the second level we charge 20.00 CHF per reminder for the extended damages caused by arrears (in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR), article 106). In addition, 5% default interest is owed from the due date of the bill. Payment using credit card:
When paying by credit card, the card number (Eurocard and Visa, 16 digits) must be stated. In addition to the embossed numbers on the front of the card, the CVV number (3-digit) on the reverse side must also be provided. The expiry date (month / year) indicated on the credit card must also be noted on the order form.

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