> Safety Instructions

1.Legal requirements

There is generally no ban on launching Sky Lanterns into the air in Switzerland. 
Approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (BAZL) is required to launch Sky Lanterns, or balloons filled with helium, if at least one of the following applies:

Number of Sky Lanterns exceeds 300.

By observing the following safety instructions, you can use a Sky Lantern in a way similar to an ordinary kite:

2.Using the lanterns

2.1. Lighting the fuel cell

Before lighting the fuel cell, please ensure the Sky Lantern has been fully unfolded. It must also be possible for the flame to burn vertically in the paper bag, without touching the sides. Otherwise the Sky Lantern could catch fire and cause considerable damage. It is recommended that the fuel cell be lit by 2 persons: one person holds the unfolded paper of the Sky Lantern and the second person lights the fuel cell. Once you have lit the Sky Lantern, hold it in your hands or ensure that the surface on which you place the lantern is not flammable.
Under no circumstances should you use the Sky Lanterns near flammable or explosive sites, or objects such as high-voltage pylons, petrol stations or gas tanks, or in the direct vicinity of residential areas. If you do so, the flame inside the Sky Lantern may cause considerable damage under certain circumstances.

2.2. Weather / location

It is not possible to launch the Sky Lanterns when it is raining or very foggy, or when the humidity is very high, since the water content in the air makes the paper too heavy to ascend. Please note that the lanterns must not be released if the wind is stronger than 2Beau (almost no wind), since there is a high risk that the lanterns may drift, which could result in an uncontrolled flight. Even when there is a light wind you should always ensure that there is no risk of fire in the vicinity and that the Sky Lanterns can ascend into the sky without hindrance. It is recommended that you use the lanterns when there is no wind. Keep far enough away from trees and launch the Sky Lanterns ideally in an open space. You should not use the lanterns near airports, roads and busy locations. 

2.3. Children 

Keep the Sky Lanterns away from children. Children may only launch the Sky Lanterns in the presence of an adult and should never play with the fire. 

3. Closing comments

Even if, in our opinion, there is only a very low risk in using the Sky Lanterns, provided these safety requirements and the instructions for use are followed, we also advise that the appropriate insurance be in place to cover any unexpected claim. Several private liability insurance policies automatically include flying models up to a weight of 5kg. There is also insurance cover for flying models. Your insurance specialist will have further details.